We Are FuGaWo

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We produce Games like a Gamer.

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Our Birth

We began game development as an Indie development group.

Our first game was developed for Windows platform. The title of the game was MB Chess. That was a multiplayer Chess Game.

Our 3D Graphics Engine

We have designed and developed a 3D graphics engine to built 3D Windows games. The title of the engine was MB 3D Graphics Engine that was coded by Visual C++ and based on DirectX API.

Our 3D Tank Battle Game was Developed

We have designed and developed a 3D game with a title as MB 3D Tank Battle for Windows platform. We used our MB 3D Graphics Engine for this project.

FuGaWo is founded.

FuGaWo is founded as an interactive entertainment company in 2020 to develop video games for each platform. We begin to work on two Mobile Game projects by using Unity technologies.

Our Technologies